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Advanced Postdoc.mobility

The SNSF grant scheme Advanced Postdoc.Mobility offers young post-doc researchers the opportunity for a research stay abroad. In addition to the fellowship, applicants can request a grant for research period upon returning to Switzerland.

Duration and Budget

The funding period is 12-36 months for the fellowship and 3-12 months the return phase.
The grant includes costs for subsistence, a flat-rate for travel expenses and a possible contribution to research, conference costs and matriculation fees.


The applicant has holds a doctorate and has at least 1 year research experience at postdoctoral level. He/She has the Swiss nationality or hold a valid Swiss permanent residence or residence / cross-border commuter permit.
The Submission is possible up to 5 years (benchmark) after the doctoral exam (or, for medical researchers, up to 9 years and with at least 3 years of clinical activity after the state examination).
Applicants who do not hold the Swiss nationality must have been active at least 3 years as researchers at a Swiss research institution.


The following assessment criteria are applied:

  • Quality, originality and topicality of the research project
  • Scientific track record of the applicants
  • Likelihood of the applicants successfully completing the planned further education
  • Personal aptitude of the applicants for an academic career
  • Quality of the intended research location.