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Start Date  
15.06.2017 Digital Assembly 2017 "Digital Europe: Investing in the Future" (Malta)
16.06.2017 Swiss Space Industry Days 2017 (Lausanne)
20.06.2017 Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) European Brokerage Event (Strasbourg)
22.06.2017 Workshop on bioproduction of high value compounds for cosmetic industry (Toulouse)
23.06.2017 EuroNanoForum Brokerage Event (Malta)
29.06.2017 Smart Health Conference and Partnering Event (Z├╝rich)
29.06.2017 Horizon 2020 Information Event on Information & Communications Technology (ICT) and Future & Emerging Technologies (FET)
06.07.2017 Horizon 2020 Health Information Event
09.11.2017 ICT Proposers' Day 2017