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Frequently Asked Questions

SNSF: What is mySNF?

mySNF is the web platform of the SNSF and it enables interaction between applicants, reviewers and the administrativeoffices of the SNSF. It facilitates the submission, evaluation and administration of applications and projects. To register and create a personal account click here.

SNSF: Where and when will I receive funding?

The funds are transferred in Swiss francs to a bank or postal account in Switzerland one month beefore the fellowship starts at the earliest. Researchers must indicate a Swiss delivery address to which official messages in the course of the research fellowship can be validly send.

SNSF: Does SNSF cover visa expenses?

As a general rule the SNSF does not cover visa costs.

SNSF: Can I ask for additional / supplementary funding?

A supplementary funding for a maximum of CHF 2'000 CHF (for one year fellowship) can be asked for conference expenses. This amount covers inscription costs, round trip, room and board according to the SNSF rates. The request has to be done at least three months before the conference.

SNSF: How do I declare a staff change in my SNSF project?

Every time a member starts or finishes to collaborate in a project we have to notify it to the SNSF. All you have to do is to send us an e-mail informing about the change and we will prepare the required form (“avis de mutation” in French / “Mutationsmeldungen” in German), and tell you when ready. It will then suffice to enter mySNF with your personal data and submit it.

EU: What is the Erasmus university charter number?

The Erasmus university charter number is asked for in most of the European projects (FP7, COST, LLP). Every university having signed the Erasmus University Charter has its own number. USI's Erasmus University Charter Number is the following: