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27.10.2017 Horizon 2020: Calls for 2018 published
12.09.2017 Pre-announcement: SNSF Eccellenza
05.09.2017 Pre-announcement: NCCR call in autumn 2017
05.09.2017 SNSF Data Management Plan
30.08.2017 Switzerland full member of Eurostars-2 and Active and Assisted Living (AAL) programmes
24.07.2017 SNSF Agora: modifications of the funding scheme
05.07.2017 35 New COST actions
07.06.2017 EU agrees to more support for Venture Capital for startups
07.06.2017 EU Commission outlines new strategy for transport research and innovation
07.06.2017 Horizon 2020 found to be meeting its objectives, but is underfunded
07.06.2017 Future scenarios for research and innovation policies in Europe
07.06.2017 European Innovation Council (EIC) will set a new standard of excellence for EU funding