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ERA-NET HERA "Public Spaces: Culture and Integration in Europe"


The ERA-NET HERA (Humanities in the European Research Area) has launched a call for proposals for the Joint Research Programme "Public Spaces: Culture and Integration in Europe".

The JRP will analyse the concept of public spaces from different perspectives. The focus will lie on structures and processes, as well as on questions concerning integration, exclusion, fragmentation, hybridisation and transmission.

The HERA JRP wants to mobilize the wide range of multi-disciplinary perspectives necessary to understanding the relationships between “public space”, culture and other phenomena.

Rules for participation:

In Switzerland, HERA is financed through the SNSF. Consequently, Swiss participants must comply with SNSF funding regulations and requirements for participation. Please note that a HERA grant will not count as a grant in the project funding scheme (the rule “one person, two grants” is not applied for HERA JRP).

Each consortium must comprise at least four applicants from four different HERA partner countries.

Each proposal can apply for research funding up to a maximum amount of 1 M€ (across all partners), and should be between 24 and 36 months in duration. Swiss applicants should aim at a budget no higher than €350,000.

Deadline for Outline proposals: 24 October 2017 14:00 CEST

Selected applicants will be invited to submit a Full Proposal in early February (deadline 9 May 2018).

Additional information and guidelines for proposal submission can be found on the following page.