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Services and Support

The USI-SUPSI Research Service assists researchers on different topics:

Consultancy for project preparation

One of the main objectives of the Research Service is to support researchers in submitting research funding proposals to different institutions, such as the Swiss National Science Foundation or the European Commission's Framework Programs. This service is open to all USI-SUPSI researchers that are looking for funding opportunities. The various activities comprise:

  • Consultancy in finding the right instruments and funding opportunities for a specific project
  • Consultancy about rules and regulations when presenting a grant proposal (forms, deadlines, administrative requirements)
  • Advice for writing up a correct budget plan for a grant proposal (staff categories, salaries, social fees, ecc.)
  • Cross-checks of the quality of grant proposals
  • In case of big projects, support in the project preparation and keeping relationships with partners

The research service also gets in contact with political institutions in charge of research and higher education.

Euresearch Lugano: Consultancy for European projects

Euresearch Lugano is part of the Swiss information network about European research programmes. Euresearch Lugano supports researchers and companies established in Ticino by: 

  • Providing information about European funding opportunities
  • Supporting researchers and companies about participation possibilities and application processes
  • Helping with project preparation and submission
  • Negotiating and signing of grant agreements
  • Managing projects

Provide information about program and research activities

  • Providing information about existing research in the Italian speaking part of Switzerland
  • Providing information about open calls
  • Analysis of the latest developments in the research field in the Italian speaking part of Switzerland

Project Administration

In case of need, the research department USI-SUPSI assists researchers having issues with grant proposal management, financing management, project administrations, etc. The research department works in close collaboration with the directors of both entities (USI and SUPSI) in particular when it comes to :

  • Accounting issues
  • Hiring new staff
  • Relationships with official finance institutions

Finance questions are dealt with by each institution separately (USI and SUPSI). Only subsidies provided by the Swiss National Science Foundation are centrally managed at USI.